Saturdays of Service – Congregational Service to the Community

Saturdays of Service (formally known as Second Saturdays of Service) is a service to the members of the congregation who need a helping hand. Giving of time and talents are just some of the ways Christians show thanks to God for what He gives them.

Once a month, the group comes together to serve others. The service could be helping someone with lawn work, cleaning windows, trimming trees, fence repair, and many other small jobs. It might also include upkeep of the church property. The group has been called into action quickly to help someone move from one location to another or into a retirement home.

The group has many talents and is happy to help in whatever way possible. All ages and skill sets are welcome, and there is always something that anyone can do.

Service Days

Saturdays scheduled according to need.
9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Submit a Need
If you have a service need, contact Layne Parry at (785) 447-0199.


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